Gopal's Studio - This is ISKCON desire tree's multi-track recording studio situated in Mira road, Mumbai, India.
It is conveniently located  just next to Bhaktivedanta Hospital & ISKCON Mira Road temple.
It has a unique optimization of  technology and spiritual environment. Functionality being the key mantra, the studio uses high-quality digital equipment and software, which are complimented by a Krishna conscious ambiance that by its simplicity brings out the innermost creativity in the artist.
This studio offers facilities for all audio related services, including Multi-track Audio Recording, Music Production,  MIDI Music Composition & Arrangement Mixing & Post-Production
The studio plans to caters to the needs of upcoming devotee artistes, music groups wanting to release their Krishna conscious albums, music recordings for drama & dance performances, mastering and mixing work, etc.
With the aim of serving devotees best, the studio is based on protools software & equipped with large screen iMac, Yamaha mixer, M-Audio rack, MIDI keyboard, Shure mics, Sennheiser headphones, etc.
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Akinchan Krishna Prabhu
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Audio Book
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Audio Comic
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Background score for drama
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BG Marathon
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Ekalavya Prabhu
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Gaur Prem Kirtan
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Gopinath's Girls
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Hare Krishna Das
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Narsimhadev Prayers
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Prithu Prabhu
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Ramsharan Prabhu
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Shivram prabhu bhajans
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