Before he came to Krishna consciousness, he was in Russian Navy. He was working on testing grounds of nuclear weapons. Due to radiation he was latter moved to St. Petersburg Military University as a first commander of the cadets & and then as a teacher. Soon radiation effects started to affect his health further. Unfortunately no doctors were able to help him. He thus began to look for some alternative methods of treatment: fasting, vegetarianism, yoga began to deal with his health problems. Very quickly he began to recover. Soon he found out that in addition to hatha yoga, there are other types of yoga. His interest grew further & he decided to try bhakti-yoga. While he was hankering to know more about bhakti yoga, he discovered that two of his juniors in the college were practicing Hare Krishna. They led him to Bhaktiyoga programs at St. Petersburg. After attending the program he was very inspired, especially by the kirtan. Soon he started to chant on beads and sing the mahamantra whole day. Once he had a wonderful dream. Suddenly Srila Prabhupada, hugged him. He gave him "Bhagavad- Gita " & said, "Now read it all very carefully." Thus he received first instructions on the path of sanatan dharma from Srila Prabhupada. Soon his search for a spiritual master led him to His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami. Since he met his Guru, maharaj has been very enthusiastically preaching Krishna consciousness in Russia. He took sannyasa initiations in 2011.
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