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BVijnanaGS English 2004-03-30 Commentary About Abhishek Ceremony
3.12 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2005-10-00 Humbliness Germany
10.84 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2006-04-16 Plan of God-South Africa
23.89 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2006-04-19 BVG is 2nd speaker-South Africa-(poor quality recording)
40.2 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2006-05-22 Science of Karma-London
27.96 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2006-11-24 Offences and Chanting Holy Names-UAE Dubai
15.63 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2009-01-21 Questions and Answers-Guruvayur
2.69 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2010-06-16 Bhismadev Teachings to Yudhisthira-ED Bhaktivedanta Manor
9.95 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2010-09-04 BVG's Vyasa-Pujas Celebration in Bangalore
28.75 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2010-09-05 Speech on Deities Installation Ceremony-YHRC-Bangalore
3.88 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2011-04-08 Lecture on Sanyas Ceremony+RNS as 1st-London
35.83 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2011-05-06 Discovery-with Translation to English
19.66 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2011-05-07 Topic of Ruci During Japa Workshop-Russia
17.47 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2012-02-26 Extending for Others Welfare is Real Compassion&RNS
16.75 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2012-05-13 Deity is not the idol+BRSwami as 1st-London
23.27 MB · MP3
BVijnanaGS English 2012-05-13 Deity is not the idol-without BRSwami-London
12.39 MB · MP3

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