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Khir Chor Gopinath-Sakshi Gopal Katha-CC Madhya Lila 04-05 - 2008 Mauritius
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Madhavendra Puri-Sakshi Gopal ki Katha-CC Madhya Lila 04-05 - 2008 Khadiha Bihar
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Mahaprabhu ki Lilaye-CC Madhya Lila 13-15 - 2006 Bhuvaneshwar
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Rupa Siksha-CC Madhya Lila 19 - 2006 Noida
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Bhakti ka Abhideya-CC Madhya Lila 22 - 2007 Vrindavan
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Sanatan Siksha-CC Madhya Lila 22
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Gaur Purnima Katha
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Single Lectures
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