HG Dina Bandhu Prabhu is settled in braja. Although from a foreign country, he looks exaclty like one of the local brijawasis. He speaks the local braja language & nicely interacts with the locals. He loves to take devotees on parikrama in Vrindavan. He is part of ISKCON braja parikrama every year. He is an excellent narrator of Krishna's pastimes. He is the source of inspiration for renovating of Vrinda devi temple near Nanadagaon.In September of 1972, he was appointed the Temple President in Portland,Oregon. There he preached for more than five years, convincing many sincere souls to take up spiritual life. In 1978, he went to Miami, Florida and served outside the temple there.Finally in April of 1984, he got the opportunity to serve in the Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir in Vrindavan, India.More than three decades have passed and he has become a permanent Vrajavasi (resident of Vrindavan) and he still continues to take pilgrims on parikrama. He inspires in all love of Vraja, showing different holy places around Vrindavan and narrating enchanting stories of Sri Sri Radha Krishna related to those places. Among various other significant projects in Vrindavan, He has helped in restoring he Samadhi Mandir (burial chamber) of the great saint, Srila Sanatan Goswami. He has also been an active supporter to restore the sacred river Yamuna in Vrindavan.
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