Sridham Govinda Dasa born as Shreedhar Panigrahi in a Orthodox Brahmin family near Nilamadhav temple, Odisha.Father was a High School Head master. He was in Utkal University when came in contact with ISKCON devotees in college. He joined in Silchar Temple in 1987. He got Harinaam Initiation in the year 1989 from His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj at Sri Dham Mayapur. He Served in Silchar Temple from 1987-1991 as Book Distributor, Fund Raiser and Temple Manager. He was appointed as Temple President of Siliguri temple in 2003-2007. He took care of Bhisma Department, Food for Life and Life Patron Department at Sridham Mayapur. In 2014 he joined ISKCON Tribal Care Initiatives as Founder Chief Coordinator.He joined as Temple President of Agartala temple and took 20 closed down schools of Government of Tripura to run as Private Schools.He is now looking after ISKCON Tribal Care Initiative in the 10 different states of India to uplift tribal lives in the aspects of Education, Health Care,Financial and over all Spiritual.He completed graduation in 2nd batch GBC College course in the year 2016.
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