H.G Devaki Devi Dasi was born in Germany in 1958 and, after a long search and journey, joined ISKCON in Sydney, Australia in 1985. During her ten years as a grhastha (1989-1999) she helped to pioneer the first organised temple in the former Soviet Union. Since 1999 she has been living the life of a renounced traveling preacher, regularly visiting Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden, Germany, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. She has established Bhakti Sangam festivals in various countries and regularly conducts Holy Name Retreats. She is a disciple of HH Niranjana Swami. During her years of service in Bangladesh she developed deep insights into Vaisnava culture that have enriched her spiritual practice and inspired her preaching. She is sharing this wisdom in the course "Exploring the Roots of Spiritual Cultur". In March 2014 she has established the Institute for Spiritual Culture.  For information on upcoming retreats and courses visit www.therootsofspiritualculture.net & www.theholynameretreat.net

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