Her Grace Prabhupada Priya Devi Dasi has been a full-time devotee in ISKCON since 1992. Born in the USA, she completed her university education with a BA in Human Ecology in 1991, and first met devotees in Penang, Malaysia while on an international research project. Soon later, she joined the brahmacarini-ashram at London Soho Street temple and was initiated in 1993. After several years of distributing books and leading women’s traveling sankirtan parties in the UK, she transitioned to gṛhastha-ashram and moved to India, spending 10 years in Vrindavan and another 9 years in Mayapur, raising her two daughters, teaching at Sri Mayapur International School, distributing books, and writing. She is author of two books: Rising Above it All: Higher Consciousness, Happier Life, an introductory book aimed at outreach preaching, and The Living Gita, soon to be published. In 2018, she entered vanaprastha-ashram, returned to the USA, and currently resides at Krishna House in Gainesville, Florida, where she serves as Educational Director, teaching and planning curriculum for new devotee training and education. She is a certified Bhakti Shastri teacher, a Bhakti-vaibhava graduate from MI, and in November 2022 will complete the Bhaktivedanta course with VIHE. She is also a registered teacher of the ISKCON Disciples Course, a graduate of and teacher for the GBC College for Leadership Development, and a member of the ISKCON North American Council.
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